Flutter Lash Extensions


Terms and Conditions:

Please arrive fresh faced and makeup-free.  DO NOT wear eye makeup, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. to your appointment, as makeup residue may prevent your lash application from properly adhering.

Contact lenses CANNOT be worn during lash applications. Please bring along a contact lens case with solution to store your lenses during your appointment. You may replace your contact lenses immediately following your appointment.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  Otherwise, a fee of 50% of the service cost will be charged to the client. Clients who do not notify us of a cancellation (no-show) will be charged a fee of 50% of the service cost. Payment in advance may be required for those with a history of no shows or cancelled appointments without 24 hours notice.  Sorry, no exceptions.

Where possible, late arrivals will result in your service(s) being customized to fit the remaining appointment time.  Appointments will be held for a 15 minute grace period, after which they will be considered a "No Show" and the appointment slot may be given away.  “No Show” appointments will be subject to a fee for 50% of the scheduled service value.  Payment in advance may be required for those with a history of no shows or cancelled appointments without 24 hours notice.  Sorry, no exceptions.

If we have your email address on file, we will do our best to give you an appointment confirmation, as well as an appointment reminder two days in advance.  This is a courtesy.  We are not responsible should you forget your appointment or mix up the time.

No Refunds on Gift Cards or Services.

We do not provide supervision for children.  In a busy small studio, unattended children pose a safety concern and must be kept under your watchful supervision at all times.  Children are not permitted in treatment rooms.

We do not permit animals in our studio {except for service animals}.  Sorry, pooches. 

I agree to the following:

I understand the risks associated with having artificial eyelash extensions applied to and/or removed from my natural eyelashes.

I understand that the eyelash extensions will be applied to the natural lash as determined by the technician so as not to create excess weight on the natural lash thereby preserving the health, growth, and natural look of the client’s natural eyelashes.

I understand as part of the procedure eye irritation, eye pain, eye itching, discomfort and in rare cases eye infection may occur.  I understand and agree that if I experience any of these issues with my lashes that I will contact my technician and have the eyelashes removed immediately.

I agree to follow the aftercare instructions directed by my technician.  Failure to follow the aftercare instructions can cause the eyelash extensions to fall out.

I understand that the eyelash procedure will require me to keep my eyes closed for a duration of 60-100 minutes.  I understand that I will be lying down and any medical conditions that might be aggravated during this prolonged time, I will not be able to continue the procedure.